Sorry we haven’t been posting that much, it’s because of the quarantine and the fact that we’re not sisters. But keep in mind that we will be posting some of the time. Thank you to those who are reading this and we hope you stay safe during this pandemic. Bye!


these are pictures of a cake that we made a few weeks ago.vivian is the one with braids, and Poppy is the one with the turquoise t- shirt.We used Betty Crocker cake mix.the frosting was vanilla Betty crocker with color mixed in.there is also neopolton ice cream with a waffle cone on top![ don’t pay any attention to the fact that we are both wearing aprons that say poppy <3]


  1. If your batter is too liquidy, keep on adding 1 half cup of flour until perfect.
  2. If your batter is grainy add a little bit of milk and stir.
  3. When your product comes out of the oven, you should stick a toothpick in to test if fully baked. If it comes out clean it is fully baked and if it comes out with batter on it is not cooked enough, put in oven for 5 more minutes, repeat if necessary.


We are Poppy and Vivian, this is Sweets and treats. We are so exited to share our baking with you!! here you can see recipes that we used or made. You can also find tips on baking on the tips page. We will also post pictures of things that we have made on the products page. Some of the recipes will turn out good and some will need major or minor improvements, witch we will share with you. See you next time!!!